Make More Money With Other NYC Chapters!

Did you know that interacting with your fellow members at this meeting is only one part of a complete NYC experience?

So let me tell you how I made $80,000 in my first year in NYC by networking with the members at other chapters.

Get your pens ready to write because I’m giving you gold with this week’s make more money tip.

First, I visited and scrolled through the rosters of each chapter and then made a note of any profession that was synergistic. In my case, one of those professions is Public Relations.

So I reached out to all of the other PR people in NYC, and invited them to lunch and a 121. Most were receptive, and I’ve built on those relationships to where we still refer one another many years later.

Next, because I sell websites, I’m also able to sell direct to business owners, so I volunteered to sub at many of the other NYC chapters, and every week that year, I spent Tuesday and Thursday subbing, while spending every Wednesday right here.

Using this one two punch, I connected with synergistic professionals who could refer me, as well as business owners who needed a website.

Now, there are some nuances to doing this effectively that are difficult to convey in a short blog post, but I wanted to give you the big idea for making more money, and then allow you to follow up with me if you want some additional coaching on this.

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