Make More Money Setting Proper Expectations

NYC Elevate is a networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

And when I was younger, my goal was to fly.

So I religiously worked out my pecs and arm muscles.

And I did this every day for a decade trying to achieve this goal.

And yet after a decade of hard work, I still wasn’t able to fly.

And after all of that, I went to Wikipedia to do some additional research, and that’s when I found out that humans can’t fly, no matter how strong they are; no matter how fast they can flap their arms.

So how does this apply to us at Elevate?

On the surface, networking at Elevate seems really simple; come to the meeting every week; give a commercial; have a 121 and wait for the referrals to roll in.

And that works at a certain level, and your referred business will be commensurate with that level of effort.

However, the issue is that some members think their income should be much higher with that minimal level of effort, and thus they end up dissatisfied.
The real issue is that their expectations for that level of effort is not in line with the reality of what can be achieved with that level of effort.

So how do we flip the script and make more money networking at Elevate?

The journey is long, but it starts with a few easy steps, so here are your action items for this week:

  • Look for my email yesterday, reply and then let me know what you need help with
  • Attend the monthly Elevator Accelerator for advanced networking tactics on February 9.
  • Schedule a 121 and Personal Accelerator with me

Remember, I can’t network by myself so I’m invested in your success, and while I may not be able to teach you how to fly, I guarantee that if you reset your networking expectations and employ better networking tactics, I guarantee you will make more money.

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