Make More Money By Starting to Build Relationships

In the past few weeks we learned that we are sitting on a gold mine here at Elevate.

We learned that we can’t just stare at the dirt and hope gold ends up in our pocket.

We learned that we need to set goals for our gold mine to make sure we expend the right effort to ensure a proper return on investment.

So what’s next? Tactics.

And let’s start at the very beginning…building relationships…

Congratulations! You got in!

You’re now an Elevator and a member of the premier networking group in Manhattan, so now you can just wait for the referrals to start rolling in, and take your checks to the bank.

But that’s not the way it works, is it?

So get ready to take notes, because this week’s make more money moment is on how to become that go-to-guy or go-to-girl in your profession.

The process is pretty straightforward.

Your fellow members need to get to know you; get to like you; get to trust you, and when these things happen, you’ll start getting referrals.

Outside of this group, this process may take many years, but inside this group our method of our weekly meetings and frequent 121’s will help to drastically shorten that time.

So take a look around the room, and if there is someone who should be a power partner of yours; someone that you think should have more referrals for you; make a note of it and schedule a 121 to them.

And understand that the correct attitude isn’t “Amy should have more web design referrals for me.”

The correct attitude is “Amy hasn’t given me a lot of referrals. What do I need to do to have Amy think of me as the go-to-guy for web design.”

And then at my 121 with her, I ask Amy something like “How can I help you better recognize the opportunities to refer me; or how can make referring me easier?

And if you’re Amy in this scenario, be frank with your fellow member about the challenges that you might have in referring them, because that might be invaluable feedback that will help the member, not only get referrals from you, but also from their fellow members.

To wrap it up, if you follow through with this process with all of your fellow members, you will build strong relationships and become the go-to-person in your profession, and then I guarantee that you will get more referrals and definitely make more money.

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