Make More Money by Contacting Old Clients

Do you know that the greatest source of untapped business are your former clients

They already know you, like you and trust you, so why wouldn’t they do business with you again?

Here’s a simple case study:

Carey sold a medical practice a few months ago, and the buyer was really happy.

That medical practice needed a website, so I got an introduction.

But the time wasn’t right to start that project, since they were very busy during the transition period, so I made a note to have Carey follow up in three months to check in and see if they were ready to start the project at that point.

When he followed up he got a nice surprise, when he heard that they had a change in direction and now wanted to sell the practice.

If Carey had not followed up at that particular moment, the sale of the practice may have gone to another broker; not because they didn’t like Carey, but just because he wasn’t top of mind.

So make a plan to regularly contact your previous clients and see what they are up to, and a strange thing will happen: you will definitely make more money.

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