Make More Money As a Gold Miner

This week, I watched an episode of Gold Rush on the Discover channel and it got me thinking about how similar mining for gold is to networking here at Elevate.

If we look at an actual gold mining operation, we would see that they have to process 2000 pounds of dirt to get a few grams of gold, and if they can do that hour after hour, and week after week, they will make millions of dollars per year.

Well, how does that apply to Elevate?

First off, the most important thing we need as gold miners is gold rich ground. Otherwise we would just be processing a lot of dirt and you’ll end up with mud.

The big takeaway today is that with Elevate’s extended network of about 250,000 contacts, I would say that we are on gold rich ground.

What that means is that every week in our extended network there are numerous people that are in the market for the services that all of us provide.
And all we have to do is mine that network to get the gold in the form of referrals, but no one is saying it will come without effort.

So you are definitely in the right place to grow your business.

But how do we do that?

We need proper mining tools, and those mining tools come in the form of the tactics I discuss each week during these Make More Money moments.

So here’s what you need to do:

Listen to these tips and write them down, and if you ever miss a weekly tip, you can always check the blog on our website because we published our tips there.

Then put these tactics into practice, day after day, hour after hour so you can process that 2000 pounds of proverbial dirt and I guarantee that you’ll get more referrals; get more gold and … and make more money.

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