Make More Money Inviting Your Best Referral Partner Part 2

NYC Elevate is a million dollar a month networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

Do you wish you made more money here at Elevate?

If you answered ‘yes’ to that question, the time to act is now because this is the absolutely the easiest way to to make more money while networking.

Last week I asked you who are your best referral partners among the members and professions already here at Elevate.

Then I asked you what profession refers you in the real world that is currently not a member of Elevate.

That’s who are your best referral professions that are not yet in Elevate.

Let’s use Sharon Becker as an example.

Her best referral partner in Elevate is … Me!

Her best referral partner not in Elevate is a Wedding Planner.

Last week she went to Manhattan NYC and Searched for Wedding Planners.

She reached out to every one of them and invited their partner to attend our Wednesday meeting.

But some of them didn’t have partners, so Sharon said something like this: “Mary, since you don’t have a partner, who would you hire to plan your wedding if you were getting married? Can I get an introduction to them?”

If they give her an introduction, she’ll invite that person to our next meeting.

If they don’t give her an introduction, Sharon will look for that person on LinkedIn or find their website and send a message like this:

“Hi Sara! I was speaking with Mary Smith. She’s a wedding planner and she said she would hire you if she needed to plan her own wedding. And that was an amazing testimonial. Can we connect?”

After connecting, Sharon will tell Sara that we have referrals for a Wedding Planner but no one to give them to, and then she’ll invite her to the next meeting at the Premier Networking Organization in the USA.

And here are the good things that will happen:

  • Sharon will contact 20 Wedding Planners
  • 7 will attend our meeting
  • 3 will apply
  • And 1 will become a member

The net result of this will be that Sharon will get a lot of referrals from our new member and some referrals from the other six she built relationships with.

Bottom Line: If you start inviting your best referral partners to join us at Elevate, I guarantee that they will become a member and then next month, you’ll be making more money.

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